Gold_Chaos_Gold_Lining_4mm_Temp_1Gold Chaos with Gold Lining 4mm
Gold Chaos

Gold Chaos with Gold Lining 4mm


Unique ring with oxidized silver base, rustic gold texture and shiny gold inside.

Made to Order.

The ring is made from sterling silver, slightly textured with reticulation and oxidized.
Gold spots are solid 18k gold. It is a random mix of gold dust, micro granules and solder fused to the silver surface.
Due to the technique used, every ring is unique with a different texture.

18k gold lining inside gives the ring increased durability and scratch resistance and also a more luxurious look.
This is also a nice solution for people sensitive to sterling silver (green/black fingers).
The silver stays for technical reasons only, mainly because it can be oxidized.

Width: slightly over 4 mm.


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