About Me


If you told me five years ago…

… I would be a jeweller, I wouldn’t believe you.

My story begins during my studies of information science and librarianship in Prague. What started as simple wire jewellery to get some additional income quickly evolved into serious business.

So many things happened in those five years!

I’ve learnt to work with silver. I married the best man in the world. And I moved from the Czech Republic to the UK.

I’ve tried various ways of selling my work – through gallery exhibitions, small gift shops and craft shows. But as a proud millennial, I’ve always been mainly an internet seller. I love to connect with customers from the whole world and I am very happy for opportunities given to our generation.

At the moment I work from a tiny home-based studio in Caernarfon, UK, with the occasional help of my husband only. Nothing on this website is mass-manufactured or made by someone else than us.

The main part of my work is wedding and engagement rings made with silver, gold and gemstones. I specialize in bimetal pieces, often made by techniques developed by me and a unique combination of rough rustic style and clean contemporary look.

I am open to both individual custom orders (based on my work) and wholesale inquiries. Feel free to contact me through the contact form with your ideas.